Research Interests

My general research interests are in machine learning, reasoning under uncertainty, databases and artificial intelligence. Other topics of interest to me include: data integration, database query optimization and approximate query processing, entity resolution, information extraction, utility elicitation, planning under uncertainty, contraint-based reasoning, abstraction and problem reformulation. The theme of my research is building and using statistical models of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data to do useful things.

My research group, Lise's Inquisitive Students, Linqs

07/20 Sriram Srinivasan (LINQs PhD student #20!), successfully defends his thesis -- Congratulations Sriram!
07/20 UCSC News Article about LINQs Alum Pigi Kouki (link)
03/20 Lise offers new graduate course, CSE 246, Responsible Data Science
02/20 Varun Embar and Sriram Srinivasan win Best Paper Award at AAAI StarAI Workshop -- Congrats Varun and Sriram!
01/20 Lise offers new undergraduate course, CSE 146, Ethics & Algorithms
12/19 Lise named ACM Fellow (link)
12/19 Keynote Speaker, IEEE Big Data Conference
07/19 IBM Distinguished Speaker Forum
07/19 Keynote Speaker, ACM SIGMOD/PODS International Conference on Management of Data
05/19 Lise receives UCSC Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE) Award (link)
03/19 Distinguished Lecture at UC Santa Barbara; awarded Distinguished Alumna Award

Keynote Speaker, LAK19: 9th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference


53rd Annual Faculty Research Lecture at UC Santa Cruz

01/19 Invited Speaker, Questions that Matter, UCSC Humanities Institute
12/18 Invited Speaker, NeurIPS Workshop on Meta-Learning
12/18 Invited Speaker, NeurIPS Workshop on Relational Representation Learning
11/18 Keynote Speaker, 17th International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA)
10/18 Keynote Speaker, International Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys)
08/18 Probabilistic Soft Language (PSL) is highlighted at the Conference on Uncertainty and Artificial Intelligence
02/18 Invited Speaker, SysML Conference
12/17 Keynote Speaker, International Conference on Neural Information Processing (NeurIPS)
10/17 Distinguished Speaker, Microsoft Computing in the 21st Century, Harbin, CH
07/17 Invited Speaker, American Statistical Association’s Annual Joint Meeting on Statistics (JSM) on Data Science: Collaborations Across Computer Science and Statistics
08/16 Keynote Speaker, International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM)
06/16 Keynote and Tutorial Speaker, Alberto Mendelzo International Workshop on Foundations of Data Management
05/16 Keynote Speaker, International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media
04/16 Keynote Speaker, International Conference on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
04/16 Arti Ramesh wins the Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship!
04/16 Distinguished Lecture, Microsoft Research New England
04/16 Distinguished Lecture, NetScience Institute, North Eastern University
03/29/16 Invited Talk, Strata Hardcore Data Science Track
03/23/16 Invited Talk, Sandia Workshop on Incomplete Network Data (WIND)
02/26/16 Lise at Netflix Faculty Summit 2016
02/22/16 Arti Ramesh wins the Outstanding Graduate Student Dean's Fellowship!
02/13/16 Invited talk, AAAI Workshop on Declarative Learning Based Programming
02/10/16 In the news: Results of collaboration with Adobe
01/29/16 Invited Talk, Deep Learning Summit
01/06/16 Invited Talk, Workshop on Big Graphs: Theory & Practice
12/19/15 Jay Pujara defends his thesis and joins UCSC for postdoc with Lise -- congratulations Jay!!
11/29/15 PhD Student Shobeir Fakhraei advances to candidacy -- congratulations Shobeir!
11/25/15 PhD Student Pigi Kouki advances to candidacy with honors -- congratulations Pigi!
11/15/15 Invited Speaker, ICDM Challenge on Crossplatform Entity Resolution
11/09/15 Distinguished Lecture, Sandia National Laboratories
11/02/15 Invited Speaker, Women in Data Science, Stanford
09/15/15 Steve and Theo BOTH win UMD Larry S. David Dissertation Award -- congrats Steve & Theo!!!
09/01/15 Stephen Bach defends his thesis and joins Stanford for postdoc with Chris Re & Jure Leskovec!
09/01/15 Ben London defends his thesis and joins Amazon -- congrats Ben!!!
07/20/15 Invited Speaker, Data Science Summit, SF
06/01/15 Theo Rekatsinas defends his thesis and joins Stanford for postdoc with Chris Re!
06/01/15 Invited Speaker, European Semantic Web Conference, Portoroz, Slovenia
04/28/15 Distinguished Lecture, Columbia University
01/30/15 Invited Speaker, AAAI 2015, Austin, Texas
04/12/14 Organizer Data Science Education Panel, Palo Alto
11/14/14 Invited speaker, Machine Learning Conference, MLConf SF 
11/03/14 Invited Speaker, EPFL(Big Graph Data Science), Switzerland
09/29/14 Keynote Speaker, European Network Intelligence Conference (ENIC), Wroclaw (Poland)
09/15/14 Invited Speaker, ECML PKDD 2014
08/24/14 Co-organizer KDD workshop on Data Science for Social Good
08/07/14 Invited Speaker, PARC Forum
07/30/14 Invited Speaker, Data Science DC Meetup
06/27/14 Invited Speaker, SIGMOD Workshop on Automatic Creation and Curation of Knowledge Bases (WACCK-2014)
06/22/14 Invited Speaker, SIGMOD/PODS Workshop on Big Uncertain Data (BUDA-2014)
05/01/14 Postdoc Bert Huang accepts faculty position at Virginia Tech -- congratulations Bert!
04/23/14 Invited Speaker, Northern California Database Day
04/16/14 Invited Speaker, Stanford Workshop on AI and Knowledge (SWANK)
03/24/14 Distinguished Speaker, Max Planck Institute for Informatics
01/17/14 Invited Speaker, Stanford InfoLab
12/09/13 Stephen Bach and Bert Huang received best student paper for their NIPS workshop paper!
12/09/13 Invited Speaker, NIPS Workshop, Frontiers of Network Analysis: Methods, Models, and Applications
12/04/13 PhD Student Jay Pujara advances to candidacy -- congratulations Jay!
11/21/13 PhD Student Stephen Bach advances to candidacy -- congratulations Steve!
11/16/13 Invited Speaker, AAAI Fall Symposium Workshop on Social Networks and Social Contagion
11/04/13 Lise joins the Computer Science Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz! Go slugs!
10/21/13 Jay Pujara & Hui Miao win Best Student Paper at ISWC 2013!! see their paper here
10/05/13 Invited Speaker, NWO Workshop on Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage (CATCH)
09/29/13 Invited Speaker, NEH Workshop on Linked Open Data & Libraries, Archives and Museums (Digital Humanities)
09/28/13 Invited Speaker, International Workshop on Climate Informatics
09/10/13 Invited Speaker, Big Social Science Data Seminar Series, Penn State
09/08/13 PhD Student Ben London advances to candidacy -- congratulations Ben!
08/11/13 KDD Tutorial on Entity Resolution in Big Data
08/11/13 MLG 2013: KDD Workshop on Mining and Learning from Graphs
07/14/13 Elected AAAI Fellow!
06/16/13 SLG 2013: ICML Workshop on Structured Learning: Inferring Graphs from Structured and Unstructured Inputs
12/10/12 NIPS 2012 Tutorial on Representation, Inference and Learning in Structured Statistical Models
08/27/12 VLDB 2012 Tutorial on Entity Resolution
06/12/11 SIGMOD 2011 Tutorial Learning Statistical Models from Relational Data
01/06/11 SDM 2011 Tutorial Exploiting Statistical and Relational Information on the Web and in Social Media
2007 Check out our SRL Book
2005 SIGKDD Special Issue on Link Mining